Collaborative exhibition with Madeline Wright

November 2017

Day to Day presents a collection of works by contemporary jeweller Madeline Wright and botanical artist Jessie Ford that surveys the macro and micro shapes from mapping their local landscape. The contrasting perspectives examine our relationships with the everyday, geography and nature, and encourage thoughtful interaction through the connection of planning, chancing, natural and manmade.

Jessie's artworks act as a trail of the local flora found throughout the neighbourhoods she has visited. Beginning with a simplified colour palette and following a style reminiscent of old 18th Century prints, she allows each painting to develop organically as she works on them. A step away from overly planned pieces, these paintings are indicative of her meanderings led by the terrain and rhythm of nature.


Second Space Projects 

Level 2

95 Victoria St

Fitzroy VIC 


Solo exhibition, November 2016

Ranging from Australian natives to evergreen foliage, Jessie’s artworks explore the botanical beauty found in the leaf. Each work is an observation of the specimen’s unique characteristics: intricate veins, a waxy surface, ridged patterns and undulations caught in the light. 


Fezilla Gallery

114 Greville St

Prahran VIC 3181

Among130 other artists, Jessie submitted three artworks into the biennial natural history art exhibition at the Royal Botanic Gardens, reFraming Nature. Jessie's Paper Nautilus (Argonauta nodosa) received highly commended in the scientific prize judged by Professor Poore, who said that it 'absolutely captured the characteristics of the shell and was remarkable for doing so with a white shell on a white background'. All paintings were completed during Jessie's Artist Residency on Flinders Island where the subjects were found.


Domain House Gallery

Dallas Brooks Drive



Group Exhibition, 2015


Group Exhibition, September 2015

In 2015 Jessie attended a six week Artist Residency at Mountain Seas Resort, TAS. During this residency, she explored the local flora and sea shells, which were exhibited at the conclusion of her stay with Youdit Deane and Rhianna Barnewall.


Mountain Seas Retreat

Whitemark, TAS

Flinders Island

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