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Photo by Stacey Chilcott from Green Collar Productions

ABOUT JESSIE ROSE FORD (Formerly Fjord Illustration)

Jessie Rose Ford is a botanical artist based in Thornbury. After she completed studies in Graphic Design and Illustration in 2011, she developed an interest in creating plant subjects through watercolour painting. As part of this process she discovered Botanical Art, which allowed her to align two interests – the natural environment and art – as a chosen profession. She undertook lessons at the Botanical Gardens, Melbourne with the excellent guidance of Mali Moir to further develop her practice.

Jessie now runs workshops, term classes and private lessons around Melbourne and Australia. In 2018 she embarked on a workshop tour around NSW, VIC and QLD which included an Artist Residency at the Cairns Botanical Gardens. She has received two prestigious awards including the Celia Rosser Medal for Botanical Art during The Art of Botanical Illustration 2018 at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Melbourne for her Barringtonia asiatica painting, and the Highly Commended Award during ReFraming Nature 2015 for her Argonauta nodosa painting.

Jessie’s botanical pieces celebrate the intrinsic beauty in nature. An exhibiting artist, her most recent show in Sydney showcased the cross-sections of flowers, each painted with selective colour palettes. Through her botanical art Jessie focuses on bringing us closer to the natural environment, and highlights the connection formed between artist and plant through the process of observing and recording each incredible detail. 

Jessie Rose Ford ABN: 14 835 121 789