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Photo by Stacey Chilcott from Green Collar Productions


Jessie Rose Ford is a botanical artist and contemporary plein air painter based in Melbourne/Naarm, VIC. 


Ford’s botanical pieces celebrate the intrinsic beauty and detail found in nature while highlighting the connection formed between artist and plant. Through careful observation and recording of each detail, Ford’s work brings the natural environment closer to us where it is visible to pause and appreciate. 


Jessie's plein air paintings honour a certain place, tree or simple moment of awe spent in nature, distilled with layers of paint. They capture moments of pausing and responding through colour, play and experimentation. This gestural and emotive style of painting contrast with her detailed botanical art and allowing her to take a step back to see, experience and feel different environments.


Jessie teaches botanical art workshops in Melbourne, around Australia and online. She has received two prestigious awards including the Celia Rosser Medal for Botanical Art and the Highly Commended Award during Exhibitions held at the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne. 


Through her art, Ford focuses on bringing us closer to the natural environment and ultimately celebrates the innate connection we all have with the natural world.

Jessie Rose Ford ABN: 14 835 121 789

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