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'Close in the Distance' 
Saint Cloche Gallery, 2022

Paintings from locations around Europe, including the Canary Islands, Spain, Turkey and Greece exhibited at Saint Cloche Gallery 2023.

This collection of paintings showcases the work Jessie began while overseas in 2022, responding to new and different environments in Europe. On this trip where each day blended into the next, singular moments inevitably morph and change as time passes. Memories dissolve, details skew and once returning home these are interpreted through hindsight; small, key moments remain amongst hazy feelings and sensations.
'By The Creek' 
No Vacancy Gallery, 2022
From Jessie's exhibition at NoVacancy Gallery in 2022 of Melbourne's local creeks and the Yarra River. 

“While painting by the creeks, the sounds around me played an integral role in setting the mood of each painting. I wanted to create sound pieces to accompany the paintings, to create an immersive experience in the gallery space. I recorded the sounds around me while painting and then, working in collaboration with musician and sound engineer Errol Green, we layered the field recordings with ambient electronic synthesis in response to the sounds, invoking the impression of being in and walking through these places as well as the meandering nature of the painting process.”
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